Yes! Form Nerd relies only upon HTML and very basic JavaScript to listen to the DOM events.

As long as you are using a <form> tag and HTML inputs, Form Nerd can listen to user behavior on your form.

Whenever a user enters a field in your form, Form Nerd notes the time the user entered the field, and counts keypresses while the field has focus. Then, when the field loses focus, the data collected is sent to formnerd.co to be saved.

Note that the content that the user types into your field is never recorded by Form Nerd. Only the number of keys pressed and other user behaviors are tracked.

By default, Form Nerd will use the name attribute on your <input/> elements, which should be enough for you to get value out of the analytics reports.

However, if you are properly using <label>s with the for attribute, Form Nerd will use the innerHTML value of your <label> element.

For example:

  <label for="firstName">First Name</label>
  <input name="firstName" id="firstName"/>

The recorded name for this field would be "First Name".

Your existing data is safe, but you will not be able to see it until you renew your subscription.

No new data will be collected until you renew your subscription.

Any data Form Nerd has collected about the behavior of your users will be permanently erased if you close your account.